病毒上行 - 第11集

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而且我们回到了病毒上行的第11章 - 为每个人的东西; - 骨髓污染,哲学,虚构的边境战斗,过度刺激的经济,字母形状的经济复苏和沼泽短缺!


污染 - 休息Vicky和Barnaby将其关注争取大流行。

Research emerging from think tanks across the world suggests our decisive and hard-line virus mitigation strategies are the reason our economy did not enter a recession (a recession means two successive quarters of negative growth, and we’re only predicted to have one) as well as our incredibly low COVID infection and death rates. We had a few big advantages playing our way - the fact that we live on an island, have a managed economy, spare public funds available for stimulus and, most importantly in my view, a largely compliant, law-abiding and egalitarian society capable of following rules that are in our own best interest.



如果幼儿在YouTube上观看一小时的玩具封闭视频是以一种糟糕的方式(今天早上来自我家的真实榜样)的定义,那么工作员以好的方式过度刺激了我们的经济。Cashflow Koala及其队友致力于经济刺激2500亿美元的刺激(仅为1430亿美元的价格仍有1070亿美元仍有1070亿美元)。有趣的是 - 去年银行的家庭储蓄存款涨幅为11.4亿美元,商业存款增加了1.04亿美元 - 意思是我们基本上拯救了我们所有的刺激金钱,然后省略了一些。我发现这个令人惊讶的是,鉴于过去9个月是50年来最浑浊的日子,但我们似乎囤积了雷尼尔的现金。



这个羔羊广告 - 一个比我的尝试更有趣的愚蠢表达的表达。



There is no difference in the topography, people, flora or fauna, laws of gravity or even material physical distance separating Tweed Heads in NSW and Coolangatta in QLD - yet we’ve all agreed that they are separated by an invisible border, therefore creating different States with different laws. There is no physical border in existence here; there is only a dotted line drawn on a map hundreds of years ago that we’ve all chosen to believe in. When you think of it like this - the utter irrelevance of arguing every day, on every news program, about slamming imaginary borders shut, when these borders only exist in our minds, is palpable and makes us seem no more intelligent than the microscopic virus we’re attempting to contain, (which is indeed the only physically existent thing in the above example).

现在,国家边界和澳大利亚的边界之间存在非常重要的区别 - 在澳大利亚的边界是护城河,因此实际存在。我们与世界其他地区分开,在这种可怕的情况下增加了我们的优势。然而,我们坚持我们在这岛上分享这个岛屿的土地包裹之间执行这些无意义的想象的分离,摧毁我们的乐队能力,将社会拉出这种经济和公共卫生危机。我们应该自由交易,自由旅行,并在我们经济内部的720亿美元的保存资金上市,同时我们在这里陷入困境。

我是否相信爆发缓解,联系跟踪和艰难的措施 - 绝对。我是否相信局部锁定,以防止传播事件 - 100%。每个国家都弄清楚如何预防,或结束爆发 - 虽然维多利亚比我们其他人慢一点。我相信我们应该限制热点的旅行 - 是在哪里实用。

但是,我认为来自凯恩斯的商业或私人旅客,应防止到珀斯或阿德莱德旅行,不到24小时通知,因为在布里斯班有一个已知的案例1800km - 总罂粟袋。Do I think someone trying to cross the Queensland border to see their mother who is dying 15km away as-the-crow-flies should be stopped for 4 hours, subsequently missing her mother’s passing (real world example) - in the service of virus mitigation, hell no! That particular example is a human rights violation, in my view. Can any business in Australia operating outside of its home state continue to trade confidently in this environment? It can’t! We can’t recover unless we can establish some certainty, and this can only be achieved with a unified approach to virus management across Australia.

该系统具有稳健且有效 - 我们已经有一年来使它们这样。Therefore - if we trust each other to mitigate spreading events, then there is NO NEED TO SHUT BORDERS - firstly because they don’t exist, and secondly because shutting a whole state to mitigate a small local outbreak is unfair to citizens more remotely in that state.

The border closures are born from political grievances and other imaginary boundaries we’ve constructed in our minds that are making people unwilling to collaborate if they hail from the blue or the red team (the two-party preferred system is another excessively dumb social construct). This border bullshit is destroying national business confidence and making it impossible to attempt to turn our lives back to normal, or at least find a new normal.



经济学者觉得需要将自己的理论减少到字母表中的信件,以便我们每天蠢货都能理解它们。他们现在估计的是我们有一个'k形'恢复(哦,现在我得到它,我们都尖叫!) - 经济的不同部门以不同的利率恢复。




I call these ‘champagne problems’ - because not being able to grow fast in an expanding construction market is a hell of a lot better than not being able to survive in a contracted one (and that was/is a not-to-distant reality for a lot of our customers in SEQ and WA). But it will be a frustration none-the-less unless we can kiss and make up with China, and reform our visa provisions (which will also require us to open our state and national borders). Industry leaders are already calling out project delays if we can't find more skilled labour.



q-sent-me-for-for-bog-roll伊斯勒6,科尔新农场 - 1月7日星期五 - 严重,布里斯班。我们不是吗?

在一个没有愤怒的角Q-Anon支持者的场景中,布里斯班居民在华盛顿在华盛顿举行的武器队的Q-Anon的支持者上,星期五在他们的当地的聚会上冉无意中,在听到迫在眉睫的3--左右的消息时购买沼泽劳动日锁定。当然,这在镇的思维人口中提出了许多问题 - 最令人思想的是思考卫生纸在3天期间的一个家庭需要多少,特别是当您在合法地参加商店在任何时候都会补充在锁定期间。